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Assessments 24X7 (A24x7) empowers coaches, trainers and consultants to use our powerful online assessment site with employees, managers, and clients to improve team building, talent management, executive coaching and leadership & sales development.

Through A24x7, you have the ability to distribute assessments with just the click of a button; have 24/7 access to your personal admin. site where you can log-on from anywhere you have Internet access; manage end user progress and completion; immediately retrieve the most up to date data and reports; control how and when your end users see reports; and have access to customizable and comprehensive printable and email versions of in-depth reports. You can also combine various individual assessment tools into one integrated report (such as DISC & Motivators, DISC & Learning Styles or even DISC, Motivators and Hartman HVP).

If you need still more reasons to partner with Assessments 24X7, we offer low assessment pricing which increases your profits. We offer superior, ultra-fast, personalized full time technical and customer service support. We offer you the ability to customize and format reports for each and every customer, if needed. Usability is very simple: upon sign-up, you will get a personal phone or web meeting training session. Also, every action on your administration site has online tutorials and visual screen shots to help you with ease of use.

For over 20 years, we have been focused on helping companies get the best performance from all their employees, so we're uniquely qualified to ensure that you will experience a very positive and profitable relationship with our company. We care most about our clients getting the best value from our assessment reports. Having simple, yet potent, assessment tools has always been critical to our mutual success.


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Can you even imagine giving your doctor permission to operate on you without first reviewing MRI images, X-Rays or other evaluations? Of course you wouldn't!

Smart business people use assessments to make decisions about personal development, hiring, managing, promoting and leading others. You can think of assessments as "MRI tests" to reveal someone's innermost values, behavioral tendencies, skill sets, etc. They empower the roadmap for development and improvement.

Assessments provide invaluable tools to enhance the human capital within your organization, whether it's leveraging your investment in existing personnel or increasing the probabilities for success in new investments in human resources. Assessments can measure a variety of criteria: intellectual ability, motivation, skill proficiency, work styles, behavioral characteristics, and personal values. Assessments are used to help determine training needs, career counseling and personal development.

A good assessment tool is designed to increase personal awareness of how individuals interact with others. Our assessments come with support materials and action plans to help individuals implement new strategies, skills and behaviors. Whether your individual career track is frontline customer service, face-to-face sales, technical/professional services, supervision/management or executive staff/boardroom, it's important for an individual to have the skills to demonstrate those attitudes and behaviors that enable them to get along with others. To get along, they must better understand themselves and others to communicate with others more effectively.


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